Oct 24-26Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri

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So the world will know Him Conference: October 24-26

Geoff Tunnicliffe

Geoff Tunnicliffe is a global strategist, advisor, peace activist and author

Dr. Tunnicliffe’s work has taken him to over 100 countries. He has served as the executive director of an international agency and an organizational consultant. He has led a multi-national team to develop the Refugee Highway Partnership, a World Evangelical Alliance network that builds collaboration among the 350 organizations serving refugees around the world. He served as Director of Global Initiatives for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and served on the board of Micah Challenge International. The Micah Challenge is a global campaign of the World Evangelical Alliance and the Micah Network to mobilize Christians against poverty. The campaign aimed to deepen Christian engagement with impoverished and marginalized communities, and to influence leaders of rich and poor nations to fulfill their promise to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Dr. Tunnicliffe has authored several books; he frequently speaks at churches, conventions, and universities, on major global issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, human rights, interfaith dialogue and spirituality. He regularly meets with government leaders and members of the media to provide an evangelical Christian perspective to current events.



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