Kansas City, Missouri

Charasmatic Renewal Conference 1977

Charismatic Renewal Conference Kansas City 1977 | History

KANSAS CITY, Mo.,July 20 (AP)—Praying, singing, Bible‐carrying Americans of many denominations, Protestants and Roman Catholics, gathered for what was described as the biggest ecumenical gathering of “charismatic” Christians in modern history.

Participants were spontaneous, demonstrative believers, who stress the gifts—the charisms—of the holy spirit for healing, prophesy, evangelical zeal and speaking in unknown, God‐inspired tongues.

The 2017 marks 40 years of this significant occasion, and United in Christ has chosen to host the Kairos2017 Denominational Reconciliation Conference at the Kansas City MO Conference Center to commemorate this historic event,  where leaders of Catholic, Protestant & Orthodox churches will gather to repent for the dissension, ask for forgiveness, and celebrate our diversities.

Come and be a part of this historic event.